When Was Investiture Under The Holy Roman Empire?

Pope Innocent I conferred investiture upon figureheads of the reigning emperor or queen in 753. The papacy claimed the right to invest new emperors and queens from the time of Constantine the Great. The Western Roman Empire was divided in 395, and the Eastern Roman Empire continued to exist until 1453. In 476, the Western … Read more

Why Were Banks Important In The Renaissance?

Banks were very important in the Renaissance because they were the first place people could easily get loans and get money to buy things. They also helped peopleaunder money, which was a way of getting money out of the country without getting caught. How Did Banking Influence The Renaissance? The banking industry had a big … Read more

How Was The Investiture Controversy Settled?

The Investiture Controversy was a controversy that occurred during the reign of Charles II of England. Some people believed that the king’s coronet was too large and that it was an indication of his divine right to rule. Others believed that the coronet was an indication of the king’s wealth and power. The controversy was … Read more

Who Was Most Opposed To Lay Investiture?

There was much opposition to lay investiture throughout the Middle Ages. This was due to the belief that it would lead to social unrest and chaos. Additionally, many people felt that investiture was an honorary position and not a real role in society. What Did The Church Oppose Lay Investiture? The Church opposed lay investiture … Read more

Which Pope Fought The Practice Of Lay Investiture?

Pope Gregory VII fought the practice of lay investiture, or the practice of appointing lay princes to high positions in the church. He believed that this was a form of discrimination and that it undermined the power of the clergy. Which Holy Roman Emperor Was Excommunicated Over The Issue Of Lay Investiture? Pope Clement VIII … Read more

Which Makes The United Kingdom Ideal For International Banking?

The United Kingdom is ideal for international banking because it has a strong banking system and a large number of banks. Additionally, the British banking system is well-known and trusted. This makes it easy for companies to get loan and invest in foreign businesses. What Physical Feature Makes It Difficult For Northern Europeans To Trade … Read more

Why Was The Lay Investiture Controversy Important?

The lay investiture controversy was an important topic because it helped to define the role of the clergy in society. How Did Lay Investiture Create Conflict Between The Emperor And The Church? The Byzantine Empire was founded by Constantine the Great in 312 AD. The old Roman Empire had been divided in 395 AD between … Read more

What Was The Issue Of Lay Investiture?

There was an issue with lay investiture in the early days of Christianity. Many bishops were not fully convinced that Jesus was the only way to salvation and desired to invest their own successors with power and authority. This caused friction and conflict between bishops and the Holy Roman Emperor. What Was The Lay Investiture … Read more

Which Robber Baron Became The Most Powerful Banker In The US?

The most powerful banker in the United States is not a man named J.P. Morgan. It is his protégé, Jamie Dimon. Dimon, the head of JPMorgan Chase, is the man who helped to create the largest bank in the world, JPMorgan Chase & Co. He is also the head of the Bank of America, one … Read more

What Is The Relationship Between Investment And GDP?

The relationship between investment and GDP is one of the most important economic indicators. It shows how much money is being spent on new production, and how much is being spent on old production. Does Human Capital Impact GDP? There is a lot of debate surrounding the impact of human capital on GDP. Some experts … Read more