How Do I Find A City Using Latitude And Longitude?

How to Find a City using Latitude and Longitude. As humans, we use latitude and longitude to locate ourselves in space. Latitude is measured in degrees east or west of the prime meridian. Longitude is measured in degrees north or south of the prime meridian. To find a city using latitude and longitude, you must … Read more

Why Did Japanese Go To Latin America?

When Japan began to gain an empire in East Asia in the late 19th century, it wanted to be able to trade with and control the countries to the south. Latin America was an opportunity to do that. Latin America was a region with a diverse culture, a large amount of natural resources, and a … Read more

Where Did Gaspar De Portola Travel?

Gaspar De Portola traveled to many places including India, China and Japan. He was a navigator, explorer, and cartographer who helped map out the routes of Spanish expeditions in the early 16th century. What Route Did Gaspar De Portola Take? Gaspar De Portola, or Gaspard De Portola as he was known, was a Portuguese explorer … Read more

How Much Does Latin America Rely On Tourism?

Latin America relies heavily on tourism for its economy, with a total of $30 billion in revenue in 2013. From passenger travel to cultural attractions, Latin America has something for everyone. So what’s driving this growth? There are a few things. One is the changing global economy, which is driving demand for goods and services … Read more

What Is The Most Common Form Of Transportation In South America?

The most common form of transportation in South America is walking. What Are The Main Types Of Transportation In Mexico? In Mexico, the most common type of transportation is bus. Other common types of transportation include trains, cars, bicycles, and boats. What Modes Of Transportation Are Used In Spanish Speaking Countries? There are three main … Read more

What Is The Most Common Way Of Travel In The Amazon Rainforest?

The most common way of traveling in the Amazon Rainforest is by bike. Bicycles are perfect for a quick ride around the rainforest, as they don’t require a lot of energy to move and they’re very easy to clean. How Do Settlers Use The Rainforest? The rainforest is an important part of the global ecosystem … Read more

How Did Asians Get To Latin America?

The Asians who started traveling to Latin America in the late 1800s were mostly students who were looking for a new place to study and live. Many of these students were from China and Japan. They were looking for a way to escape the restrictions of their countries and find a more open and free … Read more

What Is Transportation Like In Latin America?

In Latin America, the transportation system is very different from that in the United States. In Latin America, the roads are often winding and narrow, and the trains are often slow and cramped. There are also very few airports in Latin America, so air travel is often the only way to get around. What Is … Read more

What Reasons Did European Come To New Land For?

Europeans came to new land for many reasons. They wanted to trade, explore and find new ways to make money. They also wanted to be close to the new civilizations and learn their ways. Why Did Latin Europe Sail To The New World? Latin Europe sailed to the New World because they were seeking a … Read more